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Business Visa Packages

Standard Package

There’s nothing better than a welcoming party to meet you at your final destination. That friendly face welcoming you to the UK! At Relocate UK we welcome all our clients personally, making that initially first step into the UK a pleasant experience.
We believe in first impressions, and believe it goes a long way to determine the success of your experience in the UK.

Local mobile (SIM) card on arrival at the airport and gift from Privus.

We have more categories of cars to convenient your choice.

Based on your and/or your family needs, Relocate UK can book you the right temporary accommodation. We can book you room/suite in a hotel, service apartment.

Some people need to register with the police after arriving in the UK with a visa, or after getting permission to stay for longer in the UK. We will get you an appointment and escort you to the police office to register. We will advise on requirements and help you fill-out the police forms.

We picking you from your accommodation to get your residence card.


Premium Package

Include standard package plus the following:

we register your company in a company house in UK and help you to choose type of your company to start your first step in business inside UK.

We are happy to advise you on the best tailored approach to suit your medical needs. From helping you fill-out forms to submissions and your first visit. We are here to walk you through.

​We booking your appointment to get your national insurance number and help you to know  interview questions.

We are happy to advise you on the documents required to open your first bank account in the UK.
We help you to open your business or personal accounts in any UK bank even this online or at the bank branch.


Platinum Package

Include standard and premium packages plus the following:

Relocate UK will guide you apply and secure your first provisional driving license and then support you throughout the process of obtaining your full driving license. From helping you fill-out forms, submissions, booking driving test dates until you obtain your driving license.

Finding the right school in a new country is key to any family’s well-being. Our team will always try to match your children educational needs to the right schools. We consider location, budget, and school catchment zones. We will share up to date information with you, so you can make the right choice for you. We will advise on requirements, book you appointments for school viewing and help you filling-out the application forms,

we help you to choose a right places to improve your language and culture.  

The UK has one of the largest urban transport networks in the world, with integrated buses, underground, light railway, trains, trams, river bus services, cable car, cycle hire, taxi and road systems.
We will provide guidance on and connect you to best means of transport suiting your needs.

We give you the best advise to start your business or investment inside UK through our consultant

Based on your preference and living requirements, our team at Relocate UK can assist you fully with finding your new home. We understand how important it is to feel settled and make a new place your home. From the moment you receive your approval to the moment you relax in your new home in UK, we can be there to help you every step of the way including instructing and managing property agents for viewing and negotiation support as well as mortgage advisers for mortgage facilitation. Our aim is to make your transition as smooth as possible.

We help you to choose collections with the best brands and the best prices.


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