Our Mission

Privus UK is a strictly confidential service. Our clients’ identity and security remain protected throughout engagement and upon completion. Any information gained by us will not be disseminated to anyone, unless requested by our client. We priorities trust over short-term profit where there is a conflict. We strongly believe in being open, honest and transparent, and we keep to our word.

Our clients are at the center of our Lifestyle Management and Personal Concierge service. We listen to their needs and act from there. Our Lifestyle Managers are paired according to their expertise and our clients’ requests. We have bespoke plans to accommodate each client, providing a personalized service that works for us both. We go above and beyond, delivering results our clients recognizes as unmatched.

We work diligently on every request, doing whatever it takes to meet deadlines and follow things through. We strongly believe ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ and thus keep striving until we match our client’s desired results. Our Lifestyle Managers are highly educated, many of which have acquired first-class degrees from redbrick universities coupled with many years of experience working for high profile celebrities and reputable travel agencies, estate agencies. Meaning behind the scenes we’ve got impeccable support system and a huge pool of contacts to .

We pride ourselves on using top notch talent. Ever wondered who hangs the queens artworks, how to source more off-market properties, when sold out limited Chanel , we have a huge pool of contacts.